As margins are squeezed and the credit driven spending of the last ten years is replaced by a more sombre and frugal mindset on the high-street, retailers find themselves consolidating infrastructure to drive out cost, retail software faces some serious challenges to support the new economic climate. Open Plus Ltd knows retail solutions and breathes agile software development.

Just as retailers find themselves with too much floor-space or management heavy processes, the climate for multi channel retailing software has also changed radically in the last twelve months. With uncertain times ahead and unprecedented downward pressure on price, retail software must accommodate a radically different approach to the retail environment.

Retail software infrastructure and the people and processes supporting it will need to be more flexible than ever before. Just as the future of the market is now less clear, the requirements of the software that supports it are more subject to change. As bottom line pressure drives retailers to innovate, retail solutions specifications will become more emergent.

Open Plus’ experience in agile software development means that our software has always been structured with the intention of supporting rapid change and emergent strategy. With low internal operating costs, short software development cycles and years of experience in minimalist approaches to supporting business processes with enterprise software, Open Plus bring the execution of innovation through technology to the retailer.

Software vendors are fond of describing themselves as “software partners”. Partnership will now be a function not of how vast the software vendor’s array of features are, but how quickly they can respond to the rapidly changing needs of the retailer and the costs associated therein. Open Plus has been built for this challenge.